Nation Wars Beginners Guide
  Welcome to Nation-Wars!

Right now your looking at all the tabs on the left and all the options you have and your thinking oh my gosh I will never figure this out. Actually playing Nation-Wars is quite simple but yet very challenging. Getting to the top takes time and dedication, but it is very reachable. A few key points that you need to remember are:

- This game is Nation based. Yes you can play outside of a Nation but you will lack better opportunities. Nations provide you with a National Army which helps you when attacking or being attacked and also Science (Tech) which increases the rate of your states growth.

- Pure Strat! You will here this often from other players. Although you may feel it is best to have a few of each building, it actually hinders you. So you want to concentrate on having just one stragedy and building just those buildings for that strat.

- Construction Zones. These are essential to having a large state. The more of these you build the more buildings you can build per turn. This will help you use less turns to build on free land.

- Attacking. Land is the very key to this game. The more land you have the more income you will make. To gain land you can either expand or attack. When attacking you will use Standard Attack (SA) as this is the legal attack and also the only attack where you gain the land. All other Attacks in the game are used in wartime. Expanding is simply exchanging turns for a % of land increase.

Currently there are 3 different strategies you can choose from. These are:
1. - Casher
2. - Industrial (Indy)
3. - Resource
We will break each one down for you, tell you a little about it and let you know what you need to know to get started, then give you an example of how to get started.
We will begin with the Casher Strategy:

Casher Strategy

When running this s tragedy you will build only Residential Buildings and Commercial Buildings. I like to use a 60/40 method meaning that 60% of your land is Residential Buildings and 40% is Commercial Buildings. You will set your tax to 50%. As you grow your population will increase and each turn you use your population is taxed which is then income for you. You will use this income to purchase food, Military units, Science (if not in a nation) and you will also need money to build buildings.
The Casher Strategy is the easiest of all Strats. You simply keep gaining land by either attacking or expanding and then continue to build on the free land you have. You always want to keep an eye on your food supply. If you run out of food you will "Red Turn" which is devestating to your state. A % of your population, food, money and Military will be reduced.

Here is a sample startup for the Casher Strategy:
  1. Build 62 Construction sites (30 buildings per turn).
  2. Expand and build for about 38 turns.
  3. Alternate in 5 turn intervals between building Construction Sites, Expanding, and Building Residential and Commercial sites until turn 164.
  4. Upgrade infantry as far as you can. Once you don't have enough money to get to next level build and expand until turn 199.
  5. Buy any military unit except spies, jets, or infantry to do your land grabbing.
  6. Save turns until you have atleast 100.
  7. Leave protection and grab until you are out of turns. Make sure to follow proper landgrabbing techniques.
  8. As you get enough money to reach the next level of infantry do so.
  9. Once infantry is upgraded to level 8, you can purchase some and continue upgrading other units.
  10. Make sure you always have enough food on hand to use your turns.

Industrial Strategy

When running an Industrial Strategy (Indy) you will build only Industrial Buildings. You will want to go to the Tax and Production tab and select the appropriate % setting for each unit you will want to build. Each turn you take your Industrial Buildings will produce a % of the specified units. Indy's make their money by placing units on the Public Market for other states to purchase. There is a delicate balance on how much you want to sell and how much to keep for your own army. You will become better at this as you play more. You are able to sell goods on the Black Market, but at a much lower price. The Industrial Strategy is one of the hardest to learn and is not suggested for new members. You should play a set of two running a Casher Strategy to learn your way around the game and then try the Industrial Strategy. Always keep your eye on money and food so you don't red turn.

Here is an example start up for the Industrial Strategy:
  1. Set your production at 100% infantry.
  2. Build 30 Farmer zones.
  3. Build 59 construction sites.
  4. Destroy your 30 farmer zones.
  5. Build 50 Industrial zones.
  6. Expand and build until you have 800-900 industrial zones.
  7. Build construction sites until turn 183 (you can see turns used in your overview).
  8. Change production to 100% tanks.
  9. AFTER your infantry has sold upgrade it to level 4, and then change production back to 100% infantry.
  10. Save 200 turns and start landgrabbing.
  11. After you used 200 turns change production back to 100% tanks and sell all your infantry again.
  12. When they have sold upgrade your infantry to level 8 and keep landgrabbing with production on 100% infantry.

Resource Strategy

With this Strategy you will build nothing by Resource Zones. Resource Strategy is not a hard strategy to run but it does take a while before your state can achieve a high networth. Of course this all depends on how many other states are running the resource strategy. If there are several then food, Oil or Science can at times sit on the market for a decent amount of time. States do have the option to remove goods from the market but you will pay a penalty for doing so. As with any strat that uses the market as a means for income, there are always under cutters who will place the goods cheaper in order for it to sell quicker. As you gain experience with this strategy you will learn the tricks and how to overcome them.

Here is an example start up for the Resource Strategy:
  1. Build 10 Construction sites.
  2. Build Resource Zones with the remaining land. (you can select your own production rate for each good in the tax and production tab).
  3. Expand and repeat step 1-2 until you obtain the desired BPT.
  4. Continue expanding and building Resource Zones until turn 198.
  5. Place your goods on the market.
  6. Save turns until you have at least 100 and your goods have sold.
  7. Purchase some tanks and leave protection. Grab and build Resource Zones until you are out of turns.
  8. Place your goods on the market.
  9. When your goods have sold, upgrade infantry as high as you can.
  10. Once infantry is at level 8, purchase some and you can upgrade other units or continue grabbing and building.


Now that you have a better understanding of the Strategies, you now need to know how to get some land to build on. Land is the key to this game. The more you have, the more income you will make. There are a couple ways to gain land. One of these ways is to Expand. To do this simply click on the expand tab and select how many turns you would like to spend "expanding". As your state grows the amount of land you gain from expanding lowers. Which means soon or later you are going to have to begin attacking for land. In Nation-Wars attacking someone else for land is common and accepted. As long as you do it the proper way. Standard Attack (SA) is the only legal attack for gaining land from another state. When you do a Standard Attack you are putting all of your military forces against the enemies military forces. If the target state has a much larger Networth then you do, then you will not succeed in the attack so there is no point in wasting the turns trying. You will want to find a state that is close to you in Networth. Once you have found a target go to the attack tab and enter in all the required information. After the attack has taken place you will see a readout telling you if you succeeded in the attack or failed. If you succeeded it will also list out how much land and other things you gained from the attack. One "hidden" rule that most nations follow is that you are not allowed to attack the same state for land more then 2 times in a 36hr period. This is outside of war of course. Doing more then 2 when you are not at war could get your state retailed. Which means several attacks made back against you. Other then Standard Attacks(SA), all others are used for war time. Using them outside of war could also result in you being retailed against and or someone killing your state. All of this sounds harsher then it really is. Most other states in the game are willing to forgive a simple mistake made by a new member and may offer to help you get started.


You now know the basics of the game. It is strongly advised that you join an existing nation where the other members will help you learn the game faster. After that you may choose to continue playing inside of that nation or go out on your own and start a new nation of your own. Our community is a very close community. We enjoy helping new members learn their way around the game. We all were new at one time so we all remember how it can be starting out. Our game manual will explain what each tab in the menu is for and also explain the common words and features we use. We also have our game forums where members like to go and chat with other members about game play or other outside events. Another recommendation is to do the "Missions" that we have set up. These are a series of missions that once you complete you are rewarded with certain things like extra turns, extra land, extra money... Each mission is designed to help you learn some of the function within the game. Anytime you have any questions please feel free to contact the Administrator by sending a message to State #1.

We hope you enjoy your playing experience here at Nation-Wars and remember, Domination Leads To War!